About Eva Storm

Eva is an author, Trainer in Communication, hypnosis, Coaching, healing and spiritual, esoteric wisdom. 

She owns several companies, such as Eye Contact, Lazuli Training, Blue Lighthouse publication. But the first thing she started was Lazuli Kids Foundation. 

She is highly intuitive and clairsentient. Eva brings spiritual awareness through visual images, spoken and written words and meditative forms.

Her path went from

  • contrarian rebellious to diplomatic serenity
  • idealist to realistic dreamer
  • overwhelmed by too much info to energetic pattern catcher
  • chaos mind to chaos coordinator
  • to improve the world to serve the world 
  • difficult communication to communication through heart connection
  • loud voices to silence
  • outer reality to seeing the illusion

Her values

  • Pure Love & Compassion
  • Standing in power through taking Responsibility
  • Magical Intuition & Soul contact
  • Deep Respect for all that is
  •  Integrity in relations
  • Balanced Mind & Open Heart