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“The Effect of Sophia, a child with crystal energy”

In this book Eva shares the many insights she has gained during her search and which she has successfully put into practice. She takes you along on her journey of discovery so that you too can better understand the unique child in your environment and can guide the child from your heart. 

And who knows, it just might be your life purpose as well...

Fun fact: what works for a child with crystal energy, works for any child.

This book helps parents, foster parents, grandparents, teachers, therapists and other caregivers to better understand the conscious child. 

Highly gifted, psychic, travelling through the universe, speaking with angels, ... For these children it isn’t ‘psychic’ but ...  just very ordinary.

Tip1: This book is an ideal gift for all adults that are guiding children.  

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a child with crystal energy

From the moment she had given birth, Eva Storm knew that her daughter Sophia was special.  She was more sensitive, more conscious - and less happy - than the other children at school.  Intuitively, Eva began a loving quest to understand Sophia better and to guide her in the best possible way. Gradually, she found that guiding children and coaching caregivers of children - from the heart - had become her lifework.

Behind the sadness and the lack of understanding surrounding Sophia, Eva  discovered a world full of wisdom and clarity which for most people is still  incomprehensible. She learned too, that Sophia was a child with crystal energy. Extremely sensitive, clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognisant and clairsentient. She is a child that senses the language of aggression of others, but does not speak it. She is a child of love who is far ahead of her time.


23 years 

as an expert in indigo and crystal consciousness

10 Years

of organizing camps for highly sensitive children

15 years

of training people to communicate from the heart


(adults and children)


  • Does your daughter or son seem 'different' compared to classmates, brothers or sisters?
  • - Does he or she sometimes seem to live in a world of his own, asking questions that are more likely to raise eyebrows?
  • - Does your child seem to be super sensitive to details that others don't notice, let alone understand?
  • - Does he or she often seem to dwell in a dream or fairy tale world, and reloading close to nature, peace, water or forest?

Possibly your child is a 'new age child', also called a 'child with crystal energy'.

This book provides recognition, insight and peace. In 'The effect of Sophia' you will also discover why this new generation is arising, what it leads to, what their values are and especially how you deal with them.

As a parent or caregiver, you want the best for your child.  How do you create a warm framework/habitat for your highly sensitive child?

Discover in this highly recommended book how the 'crystal generation' is transforming your own world and (as a result) will soon be turning the whole world into a nicer, warmer home....

Jim Lippens

In her book 'The Effect of Sophia', Eva describes in down-to-earth language her 20-year search and her personal learning process in guiding her daughter.

A warm story of trial and error, vulnerable ignorance, ups and downs to an ever-deeper insight into Sophia's world and ... into herself.

Eva candidly shares how her daughter accelerated her personal growth as a human being and most importantly ... refined it. The book feels like a translation between heaven and earth.

It also led Eva to her life purpose: to lovingly embrace this generation, to pave a path for them, to ultimately allow them to grow to their full potential.

In this must-read, discover how the ‘crystal generation’ is transforming your own world and (as a result) will soon be turning the entire world into a more beautiful, warmer home...

Jim Lippens, devoted uncle of a child with crystal energy

This extraordinary book, about a mother and her child with crystal energy, is written in a very accessible way.  It is composed of short texts and illustrated with beautiful examples and striking drawings.  

It gives me a better understanding of children who don’t have an easy life in this demanding society.  I should have had this book when I was still teaching...'

Danielle Gemmel, Ex-teacher, book blogger of Booksandwords.be

In this book the inspiration is crystal clear, namely the author's child.

This is not new because the mother of a certain Christina von Dreien did the same with much reverberation and success. One thing is certain: the book carries an important implicit message for the often-troubled humanity in these times. Therefore, as readers, we may welcome this book with great enthusiasm.  Moreover, it reads smoothly and that is a boost. 

The reader is taken into a kind of no man's land, where the line between fiction and non-fiction becomes blurred. The hallmark of a strong writing style. That no man's land, however, hides a ‘secret treasure’.  That, at least, is what the reader will sense when he takes hold of this book. He will become aware that behind this book a great story is born. A story that gives hope to humanity, to this society. The treasure spoken of, consists of the history of all those exceptional children, born in the last decades. Sophia is part of this group of children with a new consciousness, who look differently at reality. Real pioneers, harbingers of a New Earth.  

Rudy Van Damme- Magdalena Troch from ‘Pure Child’ - magazine for parenting

I feel - on all levels - that this book is important for 'humanity'.

- Ruddy Van Damme - 

When I was pregnant with my daughter and had a 3D sculpture made of my belly that woman told me she felt a ‘Sophia energy’. She didn’t mean I needed to use Sophia as a name for our child, but she invited me to find out if it could be linked to something or someone in my life. In fact, she felt the energy of 'Sophia'. This triggered me to be open to this message. After reading this book, I found out why this woman felt this energy with me. Not only do I recognize much of myself in the examples and text, I also recognize several of the qualities in my own daughter, even though she is only 6 months old. 

The book also makes you see that guiding a child with crystal energy is about balance, a search, yin and yang, being open, listening, accepting. Empowering the conscious child. The book touches you and gives recognition. Once you start reading you don't want it to stop. It encouraged me to stand even more in my power for my own daughter. Because after all, if you feel that your child needs a different approach and that you yourself want to be treated differently, it will become even clearer after reading this book that you can stand strong for this. This book provides insights to take along when guiding your child.


- Sarah Vorsselmans - mom of a child with crystal energy.

Katrien Smet

One of the many gifts of Eva Storm is her ability to explain abstract or complicated topics in a clear and accessible way. Spirituality, languages of love, age of Aquarius, the core of conscious parenting, indigo and crystal energy, ego and soul… it’s all covered in The Effect of Sophia.

Eva picks her words with care. 'The choice of words determines the intention.'  What you read is pure and straight from the heart.

The Effect of Sophia is about a new and more conscious way of parenting, based on love, acceptance and respect for the child. In the Age of Aquarius, it is no longer about ‘raising' your children,  but rather guiding them consciously.

Eva shares valuable insights she has gained during her quest to better understand and guide her daughter, a child with crystal energy. It wasn’t an easy journey. New Age children are very sensitive and experience life on earth in their own, peculiar way. Their heart, soul and behaviour is pure. To be able to accomplish their wonderful task on our planet, they need support and unconditional love from their caregivers. As a caregiver, you have no choice but to embark on a journey towards your true self. As Eva often repeats in this book: no striving for perfection, but more consciousness. A lifelong journey!

The Effect of Sophia is a book that you can read over and over again. There will always be reflections or ideas that trigger and inspire. It shines a light on the new era and provides you with practical tools to grow towards more conscious parenting.

Are you ready to go against the current? To live from a place of trust and acceptance? To work on self awareness and self mastery? To love unconditionally? All this for the sake of your ‘unique' child. Actually, for the sake of all children, for a better world!

Yes! I would love to read this book

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